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We were asked by Andrew, Joe and Lester at Foundry Intellectual Property to work with them to create some fresh images for their website, which they felt was ready for a bit of an update. All the text on the existing site was great – I felt it spoke plenty about what they did and how they did it (not that I know anything about the world of Intellectual Property and Patent Law). However with only one image on the website, the team there felt the reader wasn’t able to connect with them as well as they’d like.

“The firm prides itself on being personable and the team have time to relate to clients to understand their business and IP issues, which, according to the feedback we get, is different from many of the larger and publicly-listed behemoths out there”

Foundry IP
Professional Corporate Portrait

We booked in a session at their office space, and allocated 2 hours to get all the required photos. I brought with me a simple setup of flash equipment for the situations where natural light might have been limited. My preference would be to grab as many images in natural light as possible, then use the flash in situations where the background is great but the ambient lighting isn’t. I find that modern offices usually have at least some spaces with lots of natural light, usually the foyer, boardrooms or reception areas.  

Foundry IP’s offices are located at 201 Kent St Sydney, which upon entry immediately got me excited about the clean architectural lines, abundant natural light in the spacious foyer, smart Scandinavian style furniture and a plethora of possibilities for corporate portraiture. The Foundry team made the effort to be available for the photo session of two hours – a good amount of time to work with, and the results, I believe, show a good return on that investment in time. We managed to capture a great variety of images – formal and informal group photos, classic individuals and some less formal individual portraits. We used a white background for the “standard” business portrait, and then the foyer with it’s large windows and clean architectural lines, as well as the meeting rooms and settings that are natural for them to be working in and around.

Most images will work in colour as well as black and white, although I will usually advise at the time of capturing them, that some images are intended to be black and white only. I provide all images in both colour and black and white so my clients can make the decision what will suit their website or brochure the best.

I’m always excited to process images after a shoot, and I know my clients are keen to see them too, so the editing is turned around quickly and sent via Dropbox or some other file transfer app. Lester at Foundry IP lost no time at all in adding the images to the revamped website.

The images and copy portray an IP company that is professional, modern and highly skilled.
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Quick Pricing

General Photography, Events and Image Library Photography:
First 2 hours     - $550
Thereafter        - $200 per hour
Full day (8hrs)  - $1,650

Business Portraits and Headshots:
Set up fee        - $265
Each person     - $85
10 or more      - contact us

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