Team Portraits for Active Property Investing

Corporate Portraits

We have worked with the team at Active Property Investing over the past few years, and it’s been an exciting time watching them grow from strength to strength. In API’s case, their strength comes from their incredible knowledge in their field, backed up by their rigorous work ethic. So it was great news at the start of the year to learn that API were moving into a new office space in St Leonards, but not before they completed a fit out to make the space modern and fresh. 

The first photo shoot in the new office space was to capture images of the team. With one long wall of the office being entirely glass, I was enthusiastic to keep all the images looking consistent by using the natural light from the glass wall, but to find a unique spot in the office for each team member.  

With their corporate portraits done, the API team could update their website’s About Us section with current profile images. The next time I worked with the team was at their end of year event, where their partners were invited to check out the new office space and indulge in some festive beverages and some pretty impressive snacks.

To say that the folks at Active Property Investing are on the ball would be an understatement – so think carefully before challenging them to a game of  foosball. 

So back to the corporate portraits, here they are again with some copy to highlight the talents of the team members. API use these slides on a rotating slideshow during events and client presentations, showcasing the business and the humans who make it all work. The slideshow is a very engaging and powerful tool for partners and prospective clients to be educated about API, but also to allow them to connect to the team on a personal level. Our corporate portraits that we shoot for businesses of all sizes are intended to bring that human element to a business – to present the staff as confident and professional, but also with their own personality and style.

If you’re new to property investing, or you could do with a little help finding the right investment property, I would highly recommend checking out API. They do the research, consider the options, and present their findings based on your requirements.

If you’d like to learn how you can get ahead with property, you can drop into an Active Property Investing Property Forum or Wine & Cheese Nights for small group discussions, have a one-on-one chat with an experienced Consultant or spend ten minutes reading one of their Investing made simple eBooks – here are the links for a FREE download:

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General Photography, Events and Image Library Photography:
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Full day (8hrs)  - $1,650

Business Portraits and Headshots:
Set up fee        - $265
Each person     - $85
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