About Us

We show up excited about your business

We believe that every business needs compelling images to attract their dream clients.
And we are excited about delivering this for you!
When we arrive, we understand your business and what you require from us. We are happy to be there creating your story through images.

We get the best out of your people

Isn’t it true that you want to look relaxed, at ease and “yourself” in photographs.? Our Principal Photographer Karl has photographed thousands of people over the last 10 years and has a natural affinity for making people feel at ease.

Literally thousands, not even exaggerating.

Whether the photograph be orchestrated or capturing a moment, Karl’s temperament and directions gets the best out of people.

We work respectfully, with purpose and to brief

When we come into your work environment, we understand there are many variables at play. We respect people’s time, position and wishes. We work effectively with as little interruption to the environment and we follow the brief that has been provided.

We deliver quickly

Proofs are delivered within 24 hours, or faster if required. On-site turnaround possible on request.


It will be easy

From your initial booking through to photographing and receiving the images, our aim is to make things easy for you. We respect that photography could be an interruption to your staff’s work day and we ensure that everything is set up and ready to go before we begin engaging with staff.

Nice Words

"I have had the pleasure of working with Karl for over five years. He always takes the time to understand the brief and the business needs. I can rely on him to be professional at all times and deliver beautiful work. His gentle and friendly manner puts people at ease."

Simple Pricing

We have two simple rates for corporate photography. For General Photographic commissions we charge an hourly rate according to the requirements of your job. 
For Corporate Headshots we have a sliding scale according to the number of individuals or groups being photograhed. See a full explanation on our pricing page.

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